Hey everyone! I am going to put all of my most frequently asked questions onto one page! 

What is your turnaround time?

My turnaround time is 10-14 business days. I do not keep apparel inventory in my house. So I need to allow time for it to be made. For both of my fufillment centers, apparel takes up to 8 business days to be printed and shipped out to me. Trust me I know that seems like a long time. We are in the day and age of Amazon Prime. But please keep in mind, that I put in apparel orders in bulk (I'm talking up to 70 items every other week) this is not a speedy process. It is very possible that your order will be shipped out before the 10-14 business day cut off. 

I ordered a sticker and a phone case together. Why are they being shown as two different transactions on my receipt? 

For some of my products, I have another fulfillment center that fulfills those products. I personally have all stock of stickers, magnets, keychains, and stationery on hand. With the uncertainty of how many of each phone model to buy for the cases, I do not keep those on hand. They are made to order and shipped to you automatically. If you order more than a phone case, I will always write on the packing slip that your phone case will be coming separately.

I ordered one sticker. Will there be a tracking number?

Whenever you purchase any product, you will notice that there are different shipping options. If you order is less than 5 oz. It will be shipped without tracking in an envelope. All tee orders will have a tracking number.

I ordered the wrong size. Is it possible to make an exchange?

I do not accept exchanges or returns. Due to the pandemic and sanitary issues, I will not be able to resell the item that you previously order. If there are ANY problems with your order, please reach out to customerservice@callmethobs.com and my team will offer you a store credit so you can make an even exchange. Since we try to do even exchanges, there are no other refunds other than a store credit.

I have store credit and I would love to use it. How can I use it?

Each customer is required to make an account whenever they make a purchase from my page. Whenever there is a store credit that is applied to your account, you will see it on your customer account and how to apply the store credit. Once a store credit has been applied to your account, no refunds will be given.

I reached out to you through email and have not received a response. How can I reach you?

Please allow up to 4 business days for a response to your email. My team is not full time so we cannot always respond immediately. This does not mean that you can message me on my social media. I will direct you to the customer service email. My DM's get slammed daily and with most platforms not having a search feature for the DMs, I am not able to search through my DMs for messages that I have missed. 

I would like to order a custom product. Can I contact you through social media to order a custom order? Why is your custom order price $50?

You can send all custom order questions to sales@callmethobs.com. This email is solely for collabs and custom orders. There is also a contact form on the 'Lettering' page of my website for more graphic design info. The $50 is a deposit of the final cost of the product and it locks you into my calendar. However, if your product is for commercial use, there will be a $250 deposit and multiple contracts for you to sign in regards to my copyright. I hand draw and hand write every single aspect of my designs and my price reflects that.

I would love to become a brand rep for your products. Do you have brand reps?

I do have a brand rep program. I open applications for the program every 90 days. This will ensure that I do not have a huge influx of applications to constantly go through.