The Silos Preset Pack

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Outside of calligraphy, I absolutely LOVE anything photography. Everything from the poses to the hours of editing it takes to create a stunning photo. I took on all of my product photography this year and it has truly changed my life. It takes a very special eye to see the art in a photo and it comes out through my editing styles! The one trick I learned with editing was to always utilize PRESETS. Presets are the core of editing styles and you can tweak them to match your aesthetic and have a very cohesive social media and feed.

I am so excited to release these presets to you guys. They have been my babies and I have used them on the majority of my product photos and even lifestyle photos. I named my first preset pack the Silos because it has now been a name that would symbolize new beginnings for me. It was the name of the first font I ever created and so much has happened since then.

In this preset pack, you will receive 4 lightroom mobile presets and instructions on how to install them.