Branding Services


Branding is the backbone of any business and service. Clients will automatically look to your branding to see if you are a perfect fit for them. Is it cohesive? Does it fit the mood they need? Can they tell your personality from it? If your particular branding doesn't fit into any of those categories, then you are more likely to lose potential clients. Let's work together to make sure your branding is on point so you can book those dream clients ✨.

There are three different branding packages that I offer! Each one has its own unique elements, which you can read more about below. If you aren't sure which package you may need, submit an inquiry and we can figure that out together! I can also provide designs that don't fit into a particular package, so please reach out for more info.  

Grand package
1 logo
1 submark
1 color palette

1 Brand Guide

1 Marketing Design Template

Luxe package 
2 logos
3 submarks
1 color palette
1 brand guide 

2 Marketing Design Templates

1 Website Banner 

Visionary package
4 logos 
5 submarks
1 color palette
1 brand guide 
3 Marketing Design Template

2 Website Banners

Marketing Stickers